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The Midas Touch is immensely proud to be a stockist of the most unique, stunning and collectable jewellery made from the rarest, most exclusive gold in the world — Welsh gold.

The word cariad has deep meaning in the Welsh language and is an expression of love. It means beloved, sweetheart or darling and is derived from the Latin word carus.

CLOGAU GOLD have always believed in creating the most beautiful jewellery. Here in Wales with their ancient history, mythology and wonderful natural scenery, they have the inspiration to create the most unique, stunning and collectable jewellery made from the rarest, most exclusive gold in the world – Welsh gold.

Many of their pieces feature a combination of yellow and rose gold. Clogau gold has a distinctive rose tint when compared with gold extracted elsewhere. Here in Wales the gold lies deep in the mountain, merging with seams of granite quartz and copper. It’s the copper which gives Clogau gold its characteristic warm red lustre.

Each piece of Clogau Gold jewellery is of an original design and hand-crafted to a high standard. Our designers have a deep sympathy for Welsh history and this is realised in many of our collections with particular motifs and gem arrangements associated with Welsh legend.

New collections, collectable sets, high-quality diamonds, precious pieces — their jewellery is there for the most special moments in life.


Clogau Silver & Rose Gold Celtic Ring
Clogau Silver & Rose Gold Celtic Ring

Clogau silver & rose gold celtic ring. Condition is New with tags. Design measurement 9mm Hallmarked Comes with box, paperwork and bag Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. The Midas Touch, is a member of the strictly controlled National Association … Read More

not rated £195.00
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Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring
Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring


not rated £3,600.00
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ROLEX Gold Genuine Dial 28mm
ROLEX Gold Genuine Dial 28mm

ROLEX genuine gold dial .28mm diameter

not rated £120.00
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Pre-Owned & Luxury Watches

Here at The Midas Touch, we specialise in high quality refurbishing of pre-owned watches. Every single watch we sell has been brought back to the highest quality by Mr Hazim himself.

One of the most desirable, innovative and competitive watch brands on the market. The company was established in 1924. Dining the last 75 years Citizen has expanded its business throughout the world and has achieved recognition as a global brand.
The past 25 year period has coincided with the company’s dramatic rise to it’s current position as the world’s largest watch maker, a distinction Citizen has held every year sice 1986. The range of citizen watches encompasses the most adavanced technology for any watch range.

Citizen watches are the innovator in quartz technology, From the world’s Slimmest LCD Watch to the first Professional Dive watch with electronic depth sensor and primarily with their Eco-Drive, which offers unstoppable power for some of the finest designs in Japanese watchmaking.

We stock pre-owned, refurbished watches – brought back to the highest standard by Mr Hazim. Watches include Rolex, Citizen, Omega, Breitling & Cartier.

Citizen is famous througout the world for its watches, clocks and watch mechanisms. Citizen EcoDrivem light-powered watches never need a battery change and never need to be wound.




We offer an extensive range of jewellery personally imported from around the world. We import gemstones and metals from countries including Belgium, Italy and Japan. Each country has its own sense of beauty and specialist stones, and we visit each one to get the very best they have to offer.

By importing these materials from their home countries we can offer fantastic quality at very reasonable prices. We personally visit each location multiple times during the year to ensure the jewellery we import is of the highest calibre.
Possibly the most precious of all gemstones, diamonds is easily the most desired. Deriving its name from the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable or invincible, so called by the Greeks due to the immense integrity and strength of the stone.

In its natural form the diamond is a variation of the carbon element with its atomic structure assembled in such a way as to produce transparent crystals of the hardest substance known to man.

We import diamonds from Antwerp, Belgium – international – known as the diamond capital of the world. This gives us the opportunity to eliminate the ‘middle man’ and we can offer very competitive rates for diamond jewellery.

And if you are looking for a particular stone we can even track down the perfect diamond to fit your own jewellery.

Precious metals (including Gold and Platinum) are imported from Milan in Italy, which offers the latest in modern and stylish designs. Always a world leader, Milan is home to the cutting edge designs, and if anything is going to be popular, it’ll be in Milan before anyone else. We get all the latest designs months before the rest. so you can be sure to find the design that you’ve been looking for at The Midas Touch.


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